Microsoft Excel Training (Basic to Advanched)

Event Date: July 5, 2019

Program Details

Digital Hub is offering the Training session for the new version of Microsoft Excel. Learn the latest features and tricks of Microsoft Excel and sharp your Excel skill.

Why Learn Microsoft Excel?
Microsoft Excel is the easiest and best way to do many tasks. Being comfortable using Excel is a great skill to have. You have the power to organise and manipulate almost any kind of digital information.
Once you have mastered Excel, you’ll never look back. You will be more productive and employable. With Excel, you can:

  • Do quick calculations and create charts
  • Organise personal information, such as accounts & usernames
  • Create budgets and record expenses (accounting)
  • Create plans and timetables
  • Read information supplied to you as data
  • Sort downloaded information, such as bank transactions
  • Build databases and do analysis in a work setting.

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